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  1. splatterdab

    Substitute for stitches (sutures’

    I recently completed a SAR wilderness first Aid course. The recommendation was to do your absolute best in controlling the bleed and avoid suturing because of the risk of infection. What are your thoughts in this regard for those not trained in those specific medical procedures?
  2. splatterdab

    Dog first aid

    Yes, agree especially if you spend time in wilderness or remote areas. I'm on our county K9 search team and a K9 carry device is essential and hopefully will not be needed.
  3. splatterdab


    Yes! I plan to find some more backroads in Susquennock State Forest and Allegheny National Forest when I get back to PA. And yes, Vermont isn't the only place with good maple syrup.
  4. splatterdab


    Howdy All, Randy here. Just joined today. I'm from Southeast PA but I'm with my 2004 Dodge RAM 2500 4X in CA for a couple of months. Planning to visit a few places while I'm here. This week I want to take a short ride to McCabe Flats on BLM land. I spent quite a bit of time in the area growing...