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  1. Huberoverland

    Best gps nav, ?

    Gaia on the iPad, Garmin inReach, built in Toyota nav for the basics.
  2. Huberoverland

    Route Advice

    Good day! Any thoughts on this route, excluding the to and from Iowa portions? We will be traveling with both rigs. Thanks! Cheers!!
  3. Huberoverland

    MOORE 2021

    Who’s planning to attend MOORE EXPO Feb 13-14, 2021
  4. Huberoverland

    Sunday Drivin

    It’s from Hooke Road. We’ve had it about 6 months. Pretty great so far. Easy install.
  5. Huberoverland

    Sunday Drivin

    We dialed up the GaiaGPS and explored southern Iowa today!