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  1. Obscure Medic

    What is your favorite overland/camp stove?

    We use a two burner camp chef stove in camp that uses propane. For a family of 4 it's easy to cook good meals. I still always pack my MSR whisperlite back pack stove on EVERY trip. I use white gas mostly and use it to just make coffee. However, if things got hairy, I can easily cook with it...
  2. Obscure Medic

    Hanging Rock, NC and Ice

    This weekend the wife and I were blessed with 2.5 days kid free! The In-Laws were keen on watching the two boys so we took off! We loaded the dog in the Ford and hooked up our trailer with RTT and headed for Hanging Rock (4hrs from us). We decided to stay in the State Park due to convenience...
  3. Obscure Medic

    Overland Expo East 2021

    Following this thread. My thoughts were the same... but my wide and I really want to attend one!
  4. Obscure Medic

    Overlanding Cigar Aficionados

    Must be a wildland guy! Haha. I keep a humidor at work. We dont get much wildland here... just hurricanes. Godspeed brother. Enjoy your off season!
  5. Obscure Medic

    Planning my first “beach” trip

    I was just at Ocrakoke over the new year. Sustained winds a few of the nights over 30mph. ToughStuff's RTT mounted on my M1101 held up flawlessly! The Red Drum bite was hot and we ate plenty of fresh fish. I live in Eastern NC so trips to the OBX are common place. I'll probably head to...
  6. Obscure Medic

    Overlanding Cigar Aficionados

    I enjoy a cigar most evenings at home, on the trail, at camp, or at work at the firehouse. I good cigar always helps wind down a long day. I have a travel humidor that holds 5 cigars well and keeps them fresh. Recently purchased a few of the Line Of Duty Cigars.... I've been impressed and will...
  7. Obscure Medic

    Lets see some trail photos!

    Living on the coast means constant adventure! Always nice to leave the pavement... if only for an hour or two.
  8. Obscure Medic

    Beach driving and camping

    The green heads and mosquitos dissipate after we have a few.good frosts. You can stay away from them on the lighthouse end of the island relatively easily because of ocean breezes even when they are thick. However, northern end of the Island can be very different during prime bug biting season. Lol.
  9. Obscure Medic

    M416 trailer

    Yes. Stock wheels. 37" run flats. Probably gonna have to shrink them down...haha. sits really high for my F-150. Just leveled that and I'm running 305/70s. Havent hooked up since to see how it sits.
  10. Obscure Medic

    M416 trailer

    Keep the pintle hitch. It allows for more articulation when on the trail and is much more secure. A ball hitch is prown to popping off when articulated. I have a M1105 with a RTT.
  11. Obscure Medic

    Facebook Page

    Who is the moderator for the SE Overlandbound Page on FB. I've been trying to join but for some reason have been getting rejected. I've entered my Member no. In the join tab along with my name "ObscureMedic" for the forums. Any help would be appreciated. Happy Trails
  12. Obscure Medic

    Family friendly camp NC

    I'll be heading up near Asheboro next week with my family. Unfortunately, we will be taking a pop up instead of a tent this go round with the In-Laws going. A lot to do in that area. Uwharrie is there if you need a trail fix and the Zoo is always an option for the littles! We have a 6 y/o and 2...
  13. Obscure Medic

    North Carolina

    Just up the road from you in Havelock.
  14. Obscure Medic

    North Carolina

    Yes. Havelock near MCAS Cherry Point.
  15. Obscure Medic

    New member in coastal nc

    Hello and welcome! I live in Havelock and have a place in Indian Beach as well. I'm currently still using a ground tent and will be building out my F-150 soon. Currently I wheel my 95 4Runner. I'd love a local meet up in our area!!!
  16. Obscure Medic


    Hello from Havelock, NC. Mostly driven beaches, OBX, and local forest roads so far. Soon to be building out my F-150 and retiring my Old 4Runner. But... for now she does just fine.
  17. Obscure Medic

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    Still haven't heard I'd I've been updated. Member #17659
  18. Obscure Medic

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    OB Member # 17659. Thanks!
  19. Obscure Medic

    New to the group - North Carolina

    Welcome from New Bern!