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  1. TheGreyhound

    OB1 Rally Point Filtering

    OB1 Rally Point filtering seems not quite functional yet... Or I'm just dense. On the RP page it shows all RPs but I can't find a way to limit it to my region.... Any help here?
  2. TheGreyhound

    Packing / Consumable Inventory List?

    So, every time we go out, we are constantly rummaging through our boxes to figure out "what do we have, what do we need more of?" Things like, batteries, wet wipes, tent stakes, garbage bags, whatevers. Does anyone have a good/useful template or packing/consumables list already whipped up in...
  3. TheGreyhound

    Static from LED lights!

    Hey all I just installed my Midland 275 and I am getting reports that my transmit is sounding great. I have the 3db Nagoya UT72 mag mount antenna. Problem is when I turn on my led lights there's a ton of static on my side. I see the signal meter jump to half way. What can I do to solve this...
  4. TheGreyhound

    Midland 275 clicking

    My Midland 275 seems to be a bit clicky sounding... Almost like a mechanical relay type click, when breaking squelch for weak signals. I'm at squelch level 1. Anyone else get a clickyness like that? Normal?
  5. TheGreyhound

    US Northwest Grouse Mountain, Chelan WA and Quincy Lakes WA

    Very easy summer cruise and camp. This will be my first time trying to organize a run, so please bear with me! Minimal off-road and super beginner friendly. Vibe is family friendly PG13+. Leash for dogs strictly, please. Almost 500 miles round trip. In light of current events, please...
  6. TheGreyhound

    What do you air down to?

    Trying to get a feel for what kind of numbers I should target for more comfortable off road exploring.... I’m in a AWD Honda Element on 235/70r16 hankook dynapro at2.... great mannered tire on road, didn’t take much of a mpg hit at all from stock 215/70on road tires..... I’ve been running...
  7. TheGreyhound

    Realistic range for FRS and GMRS handhelds?

    So before going full radio command station with my rig, I grabbed some 2watt FRS/GMRS handhelds. They’re fcc certified so all good there. I’m a former general ham but not in many years. took the dog on a walk around the neighborhood to give them a test. 6 blocks away...about 1/4 mile they...
  8. TheGreyhound

    TOOL: map how far you can go! distance / time

    Hey OB! New guy here, and in the spirit of taking up @Michael 's 500 mile challenge and planning a good 3 day outing, I was looking for tools to help me set a "target zone" Searched the forum and didn't see anyone mention this one... So, say you wanna do a roughly 500 mile...
  9. TheGreyhound

    3 day Seattle loop in June... need ideas!

    So I’m looking at mid June doing a Friday-Sunday loop out of Seattle. Most of the group will be between total novice and, mildly experienced, with vehicles being in the Subaru type class.... Thinking day 1 is get out to Ellensburg and do the WABDR section 3 up around lion rock and make camp...
  10. TheGreyhound

    New from Seattle!

    Here goes! Long time lurker, new poster. Texan living in Seattle, Washington. Really enjoying the new terrain out here! 2004 Nissan Xterra 4x4 Manual Trans 210k miles Daily driver I'd consider myself and my wonderful long term girlfriend and our dog as car camper+ or overland-lite. We don't...