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  1. Jose

    Help with pics and not being permitted to view my own pics that I post. TY

    This is OB#1945 and was wondering why don’t I have permission to see my own pics that I post up or for anyone else to see. I went to settings and have it on where any one can see. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Jose

    ARB Twin Compressor Pacifier

    I wanted to share with you all about what a friend on IG posted up about the @wits.end pacifiers for the ARB. I picked up one of their pacifiers to keep any and all debris out of of the ARB Twin Compressor for when you trailing in dirt roads or trailing through mud. Fits perfect and snug...
  3. Jose

    ARB Twin Air Compressor issue!

    First of all Happy New Years to all my Overland Bound family hope it was an awesome New Years for you all. So I’m been using my ARB Twin a couple time out on the trails and last time I used it to fill back up the tires from my Stoney Lonesome OHV Park it stoped working after filling up the 2nd...
  4. Jose

    Happy Veterans Day!!!

    Here’s to all the men and woman also to my friends and family members who are serving or have served!!! Thank you for all you do and did to keep us safe and being able to enjoy this freedom in the USA!!! God bless you and your families...
  5. Jose

    Off road trailer build.

    Well here’s the work in progress with before and after pics for the @overlanding_4_sanity off-road trailer build. I always try to get the boys involved so they get their hands dirty on either working on the jeep or trailer. Want to give a huge shout out to my boy @toddminner for an awesome job...
  6. Jose

    Challenge Coin!!

    Just wanted to give a shoutout and thank you to @expedition_offroad OB 0787 from Australia for the sweet giveaway he had on Instagram a couple weeks back. I found out yesterday that I and another friend @DungeonWorksGarage OB 0768 won his challenge coin and could be me honored to have won and...
  7. Jose

    Scouting trails in the Ocala National forest

    This morning got to meet Jeff Ehrhard from @foxpeditions, also a fellow OB0280 member Andrew Rigsby and his son Dominic from @generationoverland. Had an awesome time chatting and scouting trails for the upcoming Ocala Overland outing that's going to be in March. It was an awesome day and...
  8. Jose

    Need some help and guidance with Spod and Rigid Radiance light bar!

    Hey guys was wondering if any of you all have the Spod and are using the new Rigid Radiance led bar. My question is since the led bar has back lighting with spot/flood combo would you be able to install a 3 way switch to use for that type of combination. For example switch down would be back...
  9. Jose

    Rubi going under construction!

    The Rubi going under construction for its OME 2.5" HD lift install.[emoji1303][emoji1303] #overlandbound1945 #Overlanding here we come!! Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  10. Jose

    Gobi was delivered.

    Got a phone call today at 12pm from the shipping company that my Gobi Stealth Roof Rack was in Florida so I had to break loose from work to accept the package. Lol. Told the wifey about it and she said open it up on Sunday with the kids for Christmas so here goes 5 more days of waiting but I...
  11. Jose

    The start of the rear JKU storage system.

    Best carpenter I know! My dad!! Working on storage system for the back of the jeep custom made by him. I'm his apprentice this time... he's the bad ass!! Here's a rough draft of whats coming with maybe some changes and more pics to come. #meandtheoldman #jeepdiyprojects #overlandjeeps
  12. Jose

    Are wheel spacers worth buying

    Question guys. I'm going to be installing my 2.5" HD OME lift in the next couple of weeks and will be usuing 35" tires on stock Rubicon wheels. Are wheel spacers required since i don't have any offset like some of the rims can be ordered with. Also I see they have 1.25", 1.5", and 1.75" would it...
  13. Jose

    Kennedy Space Center Field trip with my boy

    My son had his first field trip today at the Kennedy Space Center and first time for me also after 42 yrs of living in Florida. Lol. As I was waiting for the bus to show up I saw an over land monster of a truck. . Here's the Overland Truck I was talking about. All the...
  14. Jose

    Moving back to TN!

    Well guys I've been waiting on the call and it's official I'll be moving back to Nashville TN in the months of May -June. I use to live there before but didn't have a Jeep and I was not part of any group, but now that I have my JKU-Rubicon and I'm also part of this great group of members. I was...
  15. Jose

    Gaia GPS and Topo Maps Bundle

    Hey guys is this bundle deal worth getting for the IPad and the IPhone?
  16. Jose

    Base camp Flag

    Thanks Michael & Corrie the base camp flag came in today and it looks awesome. I got something in the works for the flag to attach to when the family and I start camping and exploring real soon. But in the meantime it will probably hang of the rear tire for now. I'll post pick of where this...
  17. Jose

    Ocala National Forest break

    Did a little driving around with the family to get out of the house and have a picnic. Didn't really get into it that much as it was me alone with the wifey and boys getting to know Ocala trails but nothing hardcore. Lol. Even let the boys drive a little bit on the trails.
  18. Jose

    Regarding Hurricane Matthew

    This is Jose, and I'm from Central Florida getting prepared for this massive hurricane coming through. I went through Hurricane Andrew back in 1992 down in CutlerRidge Florida and it did damage and scared the sh$&& out of me. So I just want to say to you all that are down or anywhere near the...
  19. Jose

    JKU-Rubicon rear storage project in the works with the old Man.

    Well after seeing Brandon's Jeep from BrokebutRichOverland Jeep walk around and other Jeep storage ideas along with some truck vault ideas I got inspired and I'm deciding on building my own. I'm going to be including my dad on this build he's 82yrs old, but still trucking like an ox for his age...
  20. Jose

    Need help guys on shipping companies

    Hey guys asking to see if you have any info on shipping companies. I found an M416 trailer in New York and the guys wants me to cover shipping cost and was wondering if you guy have any experience on this or know what company to use that won't kill me on shipping. Thanks.