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  1. NoahGenda

    Destined For Lateness

    Hey everyone! Been on the road for about 3.5 months now and am currently in coastal Georgia. I will put these questions up in sections as we get to them so the information is more current. Overall plan is Nov-FL to TX Dec - TX to NM Jan through May - NM to Baja May through ? - Who knows We...
  2. NoahGenda

    Rear facing RTT

    Does anyone have any experience or some pictures of their rigs using a RTT opening so it unfolds off the back of your rig? I currently have it off the side and have a 4' ARB awning. I recently purchased a 2.5m Eezi-Awn and was going to switch to that being on the side and the RTT off the back...
  3. NoahGenda

    SOLD Nissan Frontier Softopper SOLD

    SOLD I can ship on your dime or local pickup in Portland, OR
  4. NoahGenda

    SOLD Wildernest for 6' bed

    SOLD SOLD SOLD It does need some work, details below: its perfectly on any mid-size PU with a ~6' bed. Needs some TLC but bones are good. I bought this last summer as a fun project but never got around to it. The previous owner opened her up without adjusting the roof racks and punched holes...
  5. NoahGenda

    1997 T100 Build

    Hey everyone, Ditched my Frontier about 6 months ago for something a little more capable and ended up with a super clean T100. I have wanted a T100 for numerous years and I am impressed everyday with its size, gas mileage, and reliability. Build so far: ARB fridge CVT Tent, I forgot the...