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  1. standard_rig

    US East FS 1998 4Runner SR5 Supercharged Manual Trans Overland Rig - Catskills NY

    First, I really don't want to sell my rig. But I'm a homeowner of a project house now and it needs all my attention. And I don't want this rig to let the Northeast get to it as a daily driver. It's time to be responsible and get something "sensible". I guess. MAKE AN OFFER This truck is a rare...
  2. standard_rig

    3rd Gen ('98) 4Runner Build

    Hey all, New to this, and new to proper overland builds. Previously, I had an '89 4Runner and took that all over Mexico and Guatemala for a few years. I was hooked ... So this year in May I found a nice rust-free, pristine '98, I went for it. Manual trans, supercharged with 155k miles...