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  1. Shake

    4th Gen 4Runner Storage Help

    Looking for a storage container that will fit under the factory cargo shelf in my 4th Gen 4Runner. Roughly 40" W x 20" D x 9" H. Main issue i have been having is finding the right height. Most products i've found are too short to hold the items i am storing. I'd appreciate any assistance...
  2. Shake

    S E MI Mechanic Search

    Looking for recommendations for a shop/mechanic in the Detroit/West Suburbs area. My 05 4Runner 4.0L is showing early signs of the head gasket issue. I'm looking for someone skilled that won't bankrupt me. I'm also going to post on the OB-Mid FB page. Thanks in advance.
  3. Shake

    4th Gen Snorkel

    So, what is everyone doing snorkel-wise for the 4th Gen 4Runner? I've got a 2005 Sport V6 and can't find anyone who makes one specifically for this model. I've seen a few articles about people modifying parts from other vehicles to work but I wouldn't rank my skill level at fabricating. I'm more...