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  1. Swag Engineer

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Did you carve new ones out of sticks?
  2. Swag Engineer

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    The apple trees attract deer, and that turns into jerky. That’s how I figure it anyway.
  3. Swag Engineer

    US Southwest 2022 Western Offroad & Overland Trip

    That is an epic trip! It is a month away, so I should be able to plan for 2 weeks off… (Actually 3 since it will take me 3 days to get to the start and 2 more days to get home after the end.). It’s so tempting, but I should probably beg off and let someone else join. Man, I am so jealous right now.
  4. Swag Engineer


    @plicner, are you looking for anything specific on your 4Runner? I have some parts, but I wasn't going to bring them to swap because I don't know if anyone would be interested.
  5. Swag Engineer


    Are you taking the highways between destinations or are you trying to find dirt roads and "long ways" between?
  6. Swag Engineer

    navigation systems

    Until I left it in a hotel, I really liked my Samsung Tab 3. I ended up upgrading to a Tab S4. The new one might be overkill, and I liked the smaller screen of the older one better. Just make sure it has WiFi and GPS built in. While out exploring, I use mine with BackCountry Navigator and...
  7. Swag Engineer

    Backcountry Navigator TOPP GPS PRO seems very good? Anyone use this?

    I've been using BCN Pro for a year, and BCN free for a couple years before that. I haven't used Gaia, so I can't say what the differences are for sure. There are two things that Gaia does that BCN doesn't do that I know of. The first is create routes that automatically follow roads (like Waze...
  8. Swag Engineer

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro

    I run a Galaxy Tab S4 with BackCountry Navigator. The tablet has WiFi and GPS (Location Technology: GPS,Glonass,Beidou,Galileo) I have a bunch of stored map data and music so I can enjoy both while "booney bouncing" (as my mechanic calls it). I've been using it for a few years, and I really...
  9. Swag Engineer

    Mount Rushmore/ enchanted Rockies loop

    I wouldn’t let not having a winch hold you up from going. You know your rig and level of comfort, just don’t attempt anything you aren’t sure you can get through (or back out of). Worst case is you end up doing a few out and backs during your road trip. Additionally, having @Lifestyle Overland...
  10. Swag Engineer

    I know... Another Toyota 4Runner question thread

    Thanks for the reply. I'm keeping my eye out for a 2006 Ltd V8, I think you got an amazing truck that will last for years. The V8 is very durable (but has a timing belt instead of a chain, so it should be replaced every 200k). How has the XREAS suspension held up? It comes on the Sport and Ltd.
  11. Swag Engineer

    I know... Another Toyota 4Runner question thread

    The 3.4 at 330k is a lot better than the 3.slow at 186k with a blown gasket. I would spend the extra $500. I have a '95 (last year of the 2nd gen) and although my head gasket hasn't blown, I can't get any speed up a hill to save my life. If you are on your way down I-5 over Sexton Pass...
  12. Swag Engineer

    What is your dream overland vehicle?

    The AEV Outpost (unavailable). Or the Land Cruiser Troopy conversion with the AluCab Hercules that Andrew St Pierre White completed a while back. I want a small RV can can get me about anywhere.
  13. Swag Engineer

    4Runner Owners Registry

    The wheels look nice dipped. I'm in the same boat with running boards. I want to get rid of them and get rock sliders, but until I have the $$, I'll keep the running boards. I use them for rock sliders and they keep getting beat up, but better them than the rocker panels.
  14. Swag Engineer

    4Runner Owners Registry

    How much torque is in the 22re? I have a 95 with the 3.0L 3vze. I tried to go up a hill that I had already descended and ran out of power so I had to jack myself up the steep part with my hi lift (no winch). I don't want to be stuck because there isn't enough power, but I hear the 22re has...
  15. Swag Engineer

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Yeah, the hose wasn't well secured. You can see it centered under the license plate in this pic. I have it secured now, so I think my next big purchase will be a winch (it WAS going to be sliders).
  16. Swag Engineer

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    On Sunday, I took Ice House Road (paved and plowed) to Loon Lake looking for some mild snow wheeling adventure. Most of the roads with snow were too deep for going solo. On the way back to Hwy 50, I took a side road and had some fun going up that. On the way back down, the deep snow managed to...
  17. Swag Engineer

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Yeah, I often go solo, so I really temper what I try to do with the realization that I am alone. With that in mind though, I still push my 4 runner and often have to air down or get out the hi lift to "unstuck" myself.
  18. Swag Engineer

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Looks like fun, but I think you need faster wipers and louder music.
  19. Swag Engineer


    Hello, I am slowly introducing myself to Overlanding. I just purchased a stock '95 4Runner and need to get it running before I take it out. I grew up doing a lot of backpacking and car camping, so I want to combine the two. I'm hoping if I make it easier, my wife will join me, and I will go...