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  1. max.grun

    Roof racks

    I posted a couple weeks back about having to replace my rig and the response here was great. Thank you for the good convo, guys. That said, my first addition to the Jeep is going to be a roof rack or basket setup. I really like that front runner slim profile but that price is up there. I'm...
  2. max.grun

    Advice, opinions?

    I recently wrecked my Subaru Outback. It is an unfortunate event but no one was hurt so that is good. Earlier this afternoon the insurance called and told me its deemed a "total loss". So, now i have get a new rig. I curious to see what the community suggests as a replacement rig. I was...
  3. max.grun

    Road trip through Arizona

    I'm going to be heading on road trip through Arizona a few weeks, and I was wondering if any one had any suggestions. I plan on making the drive to Benson from Central California on the first day. Long drive yes, but i won't be the only driver and we will be making stops as needed for food or to...
  4. max.grun

    Hello From Central California

    Hello Everybody, Made a quick introduction in the new members thread, but figured i'd make another one here. Most weekends I try get out of the house to go fishing. I try taking my son as much as he is willing to go. Due to my work schedule I tend to be limited to weekend trips or day trips...