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  1. MBroenkow

    Recommendations for 1st Overlanding Trip (Northern California)

    +5 for Mendocino NF! Lake Pilsbury and Hull Mountain are good ideas for a place to start, but the forest is vast. Other places well worth the drive are Plasket Meadows, Anthony Peak and Wells Cabin. +5 for avoiding Covelo. I've never had any real trouble there, but its just not a nice area at...
  2. MBroenkow

    Mike G Adventure Thread

    Adventure! Your trip to Death Valley looks a lot like mine! So many crazy places to explore down there.
  3. MBroenkow

    2017 TRD Sport test drive

    You mention so many odd little things that point to sloppy installations and questionable upkeep, especially for a three or four year old truck. I would really consider looking for a better example that won’t have you dealing with someone else’s headaches.
  4. MBroenkow


    Don’t worry too much. You probably have a few applications started but I think the ones you don’t follow through with drop of their system. I’m pretty sure I did the same thing when I went through this. Give them a call and they should get you straightened out.
  5. MBroenkow

    Mendocino Post Fire Work

    I found out this event from Post Wildfire OHV Recovery Alliance’s (PWORA) Facebook page (which I think was promoted somewhere here on OB at some point). I believe Mike Burmann ( is heading up these events for the Mendocino NF.
  6. MBroenkow

    Mendocino Post Fire Work

    Last Saturday I joined a group of members from the MCMA (Marin County Motorcycling Association) at Middle Creek Campground for Mendocino National Forest’s OHV volunteer restoration work day. We replaced about 1000ft of barricades and fencing and one washed out culvert. It was a fantastic day of...
  7. MBroenkow

    Quick overnight to camp in the snow from the Bay Area 3/2-3/3

    The Mendocino National Forest is having a crazy snow season this year. I've seen it down to lake level at Pilsbury and in a bunch of places I haven't seen snow before.
  8. MBroenkow

    6 Wheel Jeep Wrangler

    These 6x6's keep popping up, and even Andrew St. Pierre White still seems to want one, but I'm just not sure why though. Yes, they have another axel of traction but more driveline drag, more weight, more things to break.
  9. MBroenkow

    FB live event

    What a great talk, and a nice way to "meet" Del. Thank you Ken for sharing this in the forum.
  10. MBroenkow

    Cow Mountian

    Oh yes, thats why his name is familiar.
  11. MBroenkow

    Cow Mountian

    I have a few friends in the forestry department working in MNF and the daily reports have been dismal. It feels as if they have not been able to keep 1 ft of the forest from burning, but I know that's not fair. They've had horrible conditions and terrain to deal with. I don't know Del... but...
  12. MBroenkow

    Cow Mountian

    Thanks Kent! I think a lot of us will be interested in helping out where ever we can. The poor forest is going to be a wreck.
  13. MBroenkow

    Cow Mountian

    At this point, Penny Pines, Deer Valley, Letts Lake and a large portion of the Snow Mountain Wilderness have been burned up and it looks as though Lake Pilsbury will follow in the next day or two. I think we'll be lucky if we don't lose the entire forest.
  14. MBroenkow

    Cow Mountian

    I don't know what happened in June, but Cow Mountain is burnt toast now from the River Fire.
  15. MBroenkow


    Cool, I haven't heard of Watson Lake before but it looks like a good little adventure from Tahoe. I'd love to see pics from there too.
  16. MBroenkow


    Aw yeah!! I'm so glad you were able to make it up there and that you had such a good time! You probably saw how much more there is to see now that you've learned about this area. We've been up there about 5 or 6 times now and I'm still only scratching the surface. I always dream about going back...
  17. MBroenkow

    Overlanding in the Sierra Nevadas

    Where's part 3?
  18. MBroenkow

    Laguna Seca Raceway Camping

    You guys definitely got one of the best sites there. People reserve years in advance and pay through the nose to have that spot during big race weekends.
  19. MBroenkow

    Overland Travel Series

    • Keep going sweet places and sharing them with us. • Keep getting along with each other and being goofy too. While I love the romantic notions of the Syncro, I can't wait until we get to see your new rig on the channel. I think it will be great once the episodes aren't centered around the...
  20. MBroenkow

    Trail clean up, El Dorado National Forest

    While shooting skeet in Mendocino NF last weekend, in addition to our own, we picked up a bunch of shells left from shooters before us. It wasn't nearly the amount shown above but it was still very rewarding to leave it better than we found it. Better yet, it was actually a fun side activity to...