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  1. tpreston

    Heading down to Joshua Tree

    The wife and I are off to Joshua Tree next month. Instead of my Tacoma, we are taking the comfortmobile, Rex the Winnebago Revel. It is 4WD and I have upgraded tires, wheels, and suspension well beyond stock MB, but at its core we will be driving an fully loaded Sprinter van. We will be staying...
  2. tpreston

    2019 Tacoma build

    Hi everyone, a year ago I bought a new 2019 Tacoma Offroad with the intention of turning it not an overland rig. Life as usual got in the way, but I am finally moving forward with my plans. I thought that I would share my proposed build and hope that I can get some input. It’s a long list, and a...
  3. tpreston

    GMRS vs. HAM

    I am new to this and am looking into getting my Ham license for two maybe three reasons. The first is that I live in Northern California and have had to run from a wildfire with communications. I want a non cell phone way if communicating with the rest of the world. Second, it’s cool in a nerdy...
  4. tpreston

    Resolved Help Me....

    I had not followed the link when I posted my message. It’s taken care of now.
  5. tpreston

    Resolved Help Me....

    I’m having the same problem. I can access rally point and maps on the website, but not in the app. I do have my membership number in my profile and my status shows that I am a member.
  6. tpreston

    Whose from the Bay Area? Post a pic

    I am a new OB member and new to overlanding in general. I have a bone stock Tacoma offroad that I am in the process of uplifting. Looking for people in the area to help with general knowledge, skills training, and people to head out into the wild with.
  7. tpreston

    Whose from the Bay Area? Post a pic

    I am new as well, my wife’s family is in the Evergreen area. We are up by Santa Rosa.
  8. tpreston


    I have heard great things about this community and can’t wait to dive in. I just splurged and popped for the ultimate membership, one embalm for each of my rigs.
  9. tpreston


    Location Northern California Rig: primary rig is a 2019 Tacoma TRD Offroad. It is stock right now, but I am in the process of outfitting it to an overland rig. It has been my plan to do this from the beginning. Unfortunately, COVID got in the way. My secondary/bug out rig is a 2020 Winnebago...