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  1. Danarch

    Map Legend

    I’ve been looking around on the map and found the trail heading, but have a few questions. I am trying to figure out what the rectangle with the numbers are? I select them and nothing happens. I assume the black and white lines are the trails. Circled in red. Is there a method that list...
  2. Danarch

    New Member, CA

    Number is 7509
  3. Danarch

    New Member, CA

    New member, wasn’t sure what this club was except for the Jeep I bought had the emblem on it. I had a Wrangler for about 10 years back in 1987, then sold it and put the money into a 1955 Willy’s pickup. Drove it every day for about 5 years. Then got more busy with job, house stuff, kids etc...