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  1. Traxx

    Legal Weapons and Overlanding

    Welllllll, on another note. I carry where legal and avoid the places I can’t carry. On Los Ranchito I am armed 100% of the time, 4 legged and slithering critters n all. Camping and such, side arm and if its legal to shoot then a 22long rifle for plinking.
  2. Traxx

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Finished installing the gooseneck hitch and safety chain hooks.
  3. Traxx

    US Southwest Dallas / Fort Worth Meetup (next trip planning)

    I should be able to make it. Haven’t been to Bass Pro in a while.
  4. Traxx

    Mr. heater "Little Buddy" experience?

    Used them for quite a while in hunting blinds. Works great, it will heat up a small space pretty quickly, and when I turned it to low it would go out.
  5. Traxx

    Handheld cb

    Good idea, I looked into it a bit and it seems like $49 to $99 price range. I believe it would work well during a trail run to keep in contact with other rigs. Uniden, Midland and Cobra all have a model. Good option for not having a hard mount radio.
  6. Traxx


    Ran a few county roads today on the way home from Los Ranchito. Couple of them look like they would have been hard to pass in the rain.
  7. Traxx


    Found some Duelsport tracks and loaded them up to Gaia GPS. I need to trim them up some.
  8. Traxx

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    But but but, that doesn't play into the victim narrative/mentality. Stop using personal responsibility as a crutch. For those of you that think you have it so bad. Travel the world a little and you will not feel quite so bad for our so called impoverished.
  9. Traxx

    Talk me into or out of a HAM license.

    Well, it looks like now you want to talk me into it. Before it was like Mehhh. What gives? I think I will still pass on it and the CB.
  10. Traxx

    Talk me into or out of a HAM license.

    Okay, so no real reason to go for the HAM.
  11. Traxx

    Talk me into or out of a HAM license.

    A little back ground. I have been using CB radios, ohhhh for 30ish years. So, I am inclined to install one in the F-150. Sometimes its nice to listen to the truckers when I am on a long road trip, but they have gotten weird over the last few years, and of course the dirty signals some of them...
  12. Traxx

    Star Gazing

    There is a lot you can see with just a pair of binoculars, even from downtown. Caprock canyon is on the dark site list but it is no where near the Dark skies of Big Bend. I am not so much in to the Offroad trails as I am into the solitary camping sites...
  13. Traxx

    Star Gazing

    One of the reasons for moving from Motorcycle to pickup is to be able to carry the telescope and associated equipment to various dark skies. The other is to bring the family along. I am a beginner astronomer, very much so. One of the trips I am looking at is Big Bend NP or SP for some camping...
  14. Traxx

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    I think you guys got trolled.
  15. Traxx

    Girlfriend Compromise Site Help!

    Well if you're into digging holes, just cut the bottom out of a Homer bucket and put the toilet lid on it. SSS
  16. Traxx

    What to prioritize when buying recovery gear.

    For recovery from the rear or side or camp site pulling and a general damn handy thing to have. Been in use since the Stone Age. Slow, labor intensive and makes you think about your wheeling sins. The Come A Long. You can use the same accessories as the winch...
  17. Traxx

    Anyone actually use back-up cameras?

    Yep, a lot. For me it works great hooking up trailers by my self.
  18. Traxx


    Pulled out the DeLorme Texas Atlas and my readers. I am thinking lunch at Loco Coyotes outside of Glen Rose within the next couple of weeks.