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  1. Sunshine State ADVCo.

    The Florida Adventure Trail. (F.A.T) - Florida finally has its own adventure trail. - Coming November 30th 2022

    For the better part of 6 years I have been working to build the Florida Adventure Trial. The goal was to give Florida its own adventure trail. Im done building it. I couldn't be more excited to release this in November for everyone to enjoy. I made a video talking all about it. Check it out:
  2. Sunshine State ADVCo.

    Trans Florida Panhandle Route

    We just wrapped up a truly epic adventure that has been a long time coming for our little crew. Some of you may know that I have been working to create a trail that would connect many of the great state forests and WMA's in the state of Florida. For the past 4 days, we explored some new areas...
  3. Sunshine State ADVCo.

    Florida Panhandle Overlanding (Eglin,BlackWater, Yellow River)

    Hello OB SouthEast! I was asked to make a post and share about some of the great wheeling that is available in the Florida Panhandle. I Spent 2 years in Crestview Florida near Eglin AFB. During my time there I had many opportunities to explore and my hope is that in this post I can share some...