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  1. PNWFJ80

    fj80 seats

    Anyone need a set of fj80 seats? I replaced my front set with Scheel-Mann and am pulling the middle row bench in favor of an extended set of drawers. Brown Cloth seats out of a 1992 FJ80. In Elmira Oregon
  2. PNWFJ80

    Probably in the totally wrong area…

    The better half got a job in Kauai. So we are off the islands. Which is good but the toys have got to go:( 1992 Toyota FJ80 dumped way too much money to ever come even but would like to get a little back and rather than CL… Slee 3.5” lift with remote reservoir shocks Delta Vehicle Systems front...
  3. PNWFJ80

    Fj80 seats

    Well I upgraded to some super sweet buckets and the stocks are gathering dust. Probably should sell them but I just want them free if you come grab them(stock ones that is). Out of a 92fj80. They are a little worn but still decent shape. Cloth. I’ll post pics sometime this week. I’m...
  4. PNWFJ80


    While 2020 was the start of “fun” (just a smidge of sarcasm) for most, mine started in 2019. November 3rd, 2019, I had a pulmonary causing a change in life. But on the plus, I found Hannah, a 92 FJ80. She’s seen better days, good amount of rust on the passenger side rocker and into the rear...
  5. PNWFJ80

    Well I finally did it....

    After staring for years at ‘em. I finally broke down and got a pair of Scheel-Mann seats. Now just to get the brackets from planted in a couple of weeks. On a side note: Anyone want or need stock Fj80 seats?
  6. PNWFJ80

    Probably a silly idea, but....

    If you laugh or call me a fool, it’s probably warranted but... I have a “tailgater” small pellet grill that I’d love to take on some trips. Got for the awesome price of free. Question is: Bumper mount or Mount on a slider above drawers(on top of a welding blanket?
  7. PNWFJ80

    New Member from Elmira!

    Just wanted to stop in and say hello! I have 2 Yota's in various stages of working. A daily 2006 4Runner and a 1992 FJ80.