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  1. MLGrace

    Aluminum JKU Cargo setup

    So we have built tons of projects out of steel but recently have started working with aluminum. Built this slide and cargo setup for my 2016 Rubicon. It turned out pretty good if do say so. Weight was my main consideration.
  2. MLGrace

    Weekend fun

    I have been waiting to get my Lock N Roll installed and the Roam Adventure boxes that have been ordered for a long while finally came in. Setting up for a trip to Bigfoot country, Kiamichi Mountains, this coming week.
  3. MLGrace

    Coupler information

    So I have a camper trailer that I have posted before. It has a standard 2 inch ball coupler. I am really tired of it. I need something that is easy on and off. If I am on any incline or not perfectly level I fight it to unhitch. I want to move to something else. NO pintle recommendations please...
  4. MLGrace

    My homemade trailer

    almost two years ago my son, Ryan Grace, and I decided to build expedition style trailers to camp in and pull behind our Jeeps. It took about 9 months to build them on weekends in my shop. I have many pics of the builds in progress but I thought I might just post some end photos. The trailer has...
  5. MLGrace

    New project

    Me and OB member Ryan Grace started a new project a couple of weeks ago zto preset as a gift to my oldest son. Almost done but waiting on the axle. Started with a gemtop commercial tonneau for $200 from marketplace
  6. MLGrace

    Just joined

    Hello I am a Jeep guy. Love to camp with the family. Army vet and have been a lot of places. Good to be here.