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  1. jchaperon

    New Member from Houston

    No worries brother, my wife and I have done quite a few solo trips. Next time we decide to make a trip, I’ll post here. Enjoy—
  2. jchaperon

    Ready to Get Out There!! Houston

    San Antonio? Which part? I'm from the San Antonio area, grew up and went to HS at Judson. Kids still live there, in college at UTSA. Great to meet you, we should meet up sometime when I'm in town—
  3. jchaperon

    US Southwest Houston Region Meetup - Rigs and BBQ

    Reviving an older post. Is it time for another meet-up? Yes, I'm new to the group so I'm all anxious to meet like-minded people...
  4. jchaperon

    Ready to Get Out There!! Houston

    Wow, what an awesome response everyone. I am building out my rig right now, little at a time. I want to add some essentials first, like recovery and safety, then some coms. Dream trips include a Canadian adventure, and PCH to check out some cool spots. I work full-time but as soon as I get some...
  5. jchaperon

    Ready to Get Out There!! Houston

    1) Pic—Let's see if I got it to post up. This was our first off-road trip, 2 weeks after we bought our rig. Moab. Freakin' unbelievable. We will be going back. Again and again. 2) Location—Houston 3) Rig—2020 JLU Rubicon. Obviously a work in progress, but thus far I've added the Jeep 2 ½" lift...
  6. jchaperon


    New forum member, Downtown Houston. I've been on a few trips in the past six weeks since I've bought my JLU. Looking to do more—suggestions?