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  1. Guadamuz_j

    Bay Area - Just Relocated

    Welcome, im in the bay area as well, glad to have you
  2. Guadamuz_j

    santa fe area recommendations

    I arrived in New Mexico on the 8th from California and was able to explore northern New Mexico for a week , since then the lock down took affect, currently the Jicarilla Apache reservation is on full lock down no entering or leaving the rez. Im currently safe and taking all precautions...
  3. Guadamuz_j

    Windshield Pics...

    No elk hunt, definitely beautiful country
  4. Guadamuz_j

    Windshield Pics...

    Jicarilla Apache Reservation deep in the back country
  5. Guadamuz_j

    Temp Forest Closures for all of CA

    Thank you for the info
  6. Guadamuz_j

    Temp Forest Closures for all of CA

    Has rhwre been any updates on the NF closures? I've been wanting to go to Boweman lake , but have been unable to find any info. Thanks
  7. Guadamuz_j

    Death of the “Coleman” Lantern?

    I have several vintage Colman lanterns, my oldest is a 49' nickel plated sunshine of the night. These lanterns work perfectly, unless stowed away safely properly they are great. However they can suffer damage out on the trail
  8. Guadamuz_j

    Lets see some trail photos!

    type="full"]170146[/ATTACH]Usal rd heading to Usal beach ,Northern California
  9. Guadamuz_j

    Need to get out lol. Anyone have a couple dispersed camping spots NorCal you can share?

    Hey I may be late in this reply, but usal Beach on the lost coast trail up north in the Mendocino County might be a nice getaway. Im planning to take a trip there in September. Its 4 hours from the bay area
  10. Guadamuz_j

    Aphroducky, a VW Bus

    They should i have 15" General grabber at2 on my 68
  11. Guadamuz_j

    US West North Bay meet-up

    Sounds like fun sure wish I could go.
  12. Guadamuz_j

    Toyota Tacoma Registry

    my new to me 2010 TRD pro
  13. Guadamuz_j

    Rig Photos

    My 2010 tacoma TRD pro with a 6inch lift, i just picked up, love my vw bus which is very capable but this will get me out there further, looking forward to setting this up and new adventures
  14. Guadamuz_j

    Aphroducky, a VW Bus

    hey awesome good to see another fellow vw bus
  15. Guadamuz_j

    US West North Bay meet-up

    I will try and make it, just picked up a new rig
  16. Guadamuz_j

    Not your typical Overland Vehicle (pics)

    not your typical overland vehicle my 1968 vw camper bus
  17. Guadamuz_j

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    Finally got around to installing my OB Emblem. Had a badge emblem cog made like an original badge for the bus member #17610
  18. Guadamuz_j

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    I installed a 12v power and USB charging station and fuse box and the rear