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  1. Kuzi

    1999 Tacoma new suspension

    I installed oldman emu old man emu OMETAC04HKS lift kit on my 1999 Tacoma. I had bad sage with rooftop tent so I did this kit with extra leaf d43xl and 2881 springs in front. Arb said will hold constant 220 pounds above stock. I'm am very happy with it installed. truck level now . I like look...
  2. Kuzi

    Hail in rooftop tent

    I was wondering what size hail would go through soft top rooftop tent ? I have been In some pretty good storms with small hail and high winds but what about golf ball size or larger.
  3. Kuzi

    How do you get weather updates with no cell service?

    Just wanted to know what everyone uses to check weather with out cell service? I'll be taking a week trip in bighorn national forest camping at bald mountain campground wy. I don't think I'll have any cell service for week. Would like to know if any bad weather coming while camping.
  4. Kuzi

    Any one been to Reva Gap Campground SD

    Has any one been to Reva Gap Campground in Slim Buttes Unit sd or camped other places near there. This area is part forest service I believe. I was thinking of checking it out on 4 July week end. I didn't know if all spots would be taken because 4th July weekend . I live in Minot North...
  5. Kuzi

    99 Tacoma build dual battery setup

    I have been using my extra free time with this covid19 to build my 1999 Toyota Tacoma up. So I got my dual battery set up finished. I put 100 amp hour battery in bed of truck with (Renogy DCC50S 12V 50A DC On-Board Charger). I used 4 ga wire from starter battery to truck bed Which is about 11...
  6. Kuzi

    Minot ND to glacier national Park

    I live in Minot north Dakota. I want to make trip this year to glacier national Park . I am looking for ideas on best places to stay in park or out side park (preference is in the park). My rig is Toyota Tacoma with rooftop .
  7. Kuzi

    New member from Minot North Dakota

    I bought a rooftop tent for my 1999 Toyota Tacoma trd last summer . I had a great time camping with my family . I'm looking for some ideas to make my rig easier to camp and places to go. Would like to meet other family's to camp with.