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  1. PoorlyTiedFly

    My version of Michael's rear drawer/platform build in a GX460

    Hello everyone! After watching and being inspired by Michael's rear drawer/platform build in his Land Cruiser I decided to give it a go in my GX460. I purchased the aluminum platform lock plates from the OB store. I am bad about just jumping in and working without taking pics but I figured I...
  2. PoorlyTiedFly

    Power to the rear - do I need to run negative of can I ground to frame?

    Hello, I am prepping to run a 4g wire from battery to the rear primarily to power a Dometic drawer frig. I will also have a few accessory ports in back. I plan to run... from the battery - 4g wire to low voltage disconnect to circuit breaker to distribution block. Am I OK to just ground frame...
  3. PoorlyTiedFly

    power to rear for Dometic DC30 drawer frig - Bluetti EB55?

    Hello everyone - I am a new member and can't stress enough how helpful the OB community, app, YT videos have been! Thank you. I am looking to run power from my single battery in front to the rear. I am working on a drawer system for the back of my GX460 that will house a Dometic DC30 drawer...
  4. PoorlyTiedFly

    SOLD SOLD - S. INDIANA - Roof Nest Sandpiper with 4 Season Ptarmigan insulation kit, like new - $2400

    For sale is a 2019 RoofNest tent slept in exactly 5 times. It is like new. This is the Sandpiper model and comes with an aluminum bars/rack on top, capable of holding up to 100 lbs while the vehicle is in motion. Ideal to carry bikes, kayaks, skis or any other gear. In addition to this...