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  1. Jk.Overland

    Jeep Heat Broke

    So of course right as winter is here my heat has gone out in my 2012 Jeep Jk. I knew I needed to replace my Blend Door Actuator, I did that. Then I checked and topped off my coolant. Still no heat. Any Jeep JK owners out there have this issue in the past and got it fixed?? Any help? I have a...
  2. Jk.Overland

    No Context, just good pictures!

    I went out and grabbed some good pictures today of my jeep when I took my son for a hike! Couldn’t find a thread to share them too so I started a new one. This thread can be for anything, rigs, camping spots, setups, supplies, anything at all! Just share to share!
  3. Jk.Overland

    Portable solar panel/generator

    One thing we all need is power when we are out in the middle of nowhere. I have used a large jump for a while now and I haven’t had any problems on “shorter” trips, but charging that takes so long and has to be plugged into the wall. I’m saying that I am looking for suggestions on a solar...
  4. Jk.Overland

    simple kitchen ideas

    I am still building out my rig and I need a kitchen idea. I need it small, easy to breakdown or pack away, and preferably not a permanent fixture in my jeep. - I still use my jeep as my daily driver so it cant be always in there - When doing on a trip the back seat will come out so that space...