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  1. Fuelfish

    Tuff Stuff Base camp trailer Garage kept used 3 times

    Garage kept off road trailer with high clearance, tailing swing arm suspension and all terrain tires and an articulating hitch. This rig is in perfect condition and has been used exactly 3 times and has less than 1000 miles on it no water crossings or off roading (in fact, I have never even...
  2. Fuelfish

    Any Tuff Stuff overland trailer owners out there?

    Hey gang, I bit the bullet and bought one of the Tuff Stuff trailers and wanted to see if there were others on the forum who bought one so we can compare notes and set up mods etc. Please post here, PM me. I will do a write up once I get a little experience with it. I took it for a shakedown...