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    MAXTRAX the multipurpose tool

    I was wondering: what y'all using your maxtrax for apart from getting out of stucked situation. For sure, one can use them as a shovel, a table for one’s morning coffee, and in case of an emergency as a tool for self-defence But would y'all use them as a tool to have a proper horizontal...

    EU Mid Europe Cleanup b4 meetup | Hamburg region

    This is the cleanup event prior the Rally Point Spontaneous Meetup | Hamburg Region "Where others act negligently and inconsiderately, we can make the difference by taking responsibility." View Rally Point

    EU Mid Europe Spontaneous Meetup | Hamburg region

    We want to meet spontaneously for nice talks, fire and something tasty to eat. Before the pleasure comes the work. In order to be able to use special places in the future, we want to clean the place before sitting together (rubbish collection) according to the motto "Where others act...

    Camp saw.

    Just came along an advertisement about a foldable saw and thought it would be a great thread. What type of saw are youse using? For firewood and maybe trees as an obstacle. I am using the TrailBlazer 18“ take down buck saw which’s performance is superb and the specs are unbeatable...

    EU Mid Europe Introduction bonfire and friends

    Introduction to a new Member View Rally Point

    EU Mid Europe Spontaneous meet up

    Hanging out with friends and OB members View Rally Point

    Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept (Four-C) - Which setting is the best?

    Hej Y'all. I was wondering if someone could give a good expiation for my question: My Volvo XC70 is (unfortunately) equipment with a FOUR-C (Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept) shock absorber. "The Four-C system has a sophisticated microprocessor and software that computes the motions of...

    EU Mid Europe Hamburg Get2Gether | Seevetal

    We are planning a little get together on Wednesday the 3rd of November around 6 p.m. Nothing big prepared except a bit of fire and maybe some fire bread. It's about getting a little time out—enough space for us. View Rally Point

    Electric powered overland vehicle

    I was wondering what your option in fully electric powers vehicle is? Do you think this could work for harsh environment? There are some big player with fully electric powers trucks. I came across the ne concept of Rivian (Rivian - Electric Adventure Vehicles ) wich looks super cool to me...

    Dog | big fan of the bumpy road?

    I was wondering do you think your dog loves the bumpy travel off-road. I have the feeling that our golden Retriever enjoys the camp hang around but isn’t the biggest fan of the driving itself. What are your thoughts?

    First Aid | what Is important to you

    Due to my medical background, I was wondering what a good sorted first aid kit for OL looks like. What are you carrying? What is important to you? Any advice for fellow overlanders? I'll post a picture and detailed list later this day.