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  1. RVA Overland

    Weekend Adventures

    So I am trying something new. I have a child in travel sports so I have limited time to get out and explore but decided that is like a lot of us. I thought why not give the video thing some more try's. This is my first post of weekend adventures. My thought is try and record some of my short...
  2. RVA Overland

    GWNF - Flagpol Knob May 2020

    Made it out on Friday night for a quick campout with my son. We went to George Washington National Forest in VA and camped close to Flagpole Knob. It was a great night on Friday and after breakfast had a decision to make. We could leave the easy way or the hard way. Of course I have only...
  3. RVA Overland

    2019 Ford Ranger

    I picked up a new Ranger at the end of last year and have been slowly building it out for offroad use and camping. So far it had been a fun build but there is so much more to do. Most recently (yesterday) I installed a set of rock sliders from Shrockworks. This was a super easy install taking...