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  1. Dusther210

    Moose River Plains Fall 2021

    The wife and I just returned (and are still recovering) from our trip Moose River Plains in way up upstate NY (aka Canadia). I plan to put a little summary of our trip and of MRP. If you can go this week do yourself the favor and GO!. This was hands down the most scenic and perhaps the BEST TRIP...
  2. Dusther210

    NH camping

    Might be doing NEBDR section 6 in less than 2 weeks. I’m looking for info on places to camp around Woodsville NH and Mt Washington. Preferably dispersed/free but any and all info is welcome. Thanks in advance!
  3. Dusther210

    NH camping

    The wife and I might be doing section 6 of the NEBDR in NH in less than 2 weeks. Does anyone know about camping, preferably dispersed/free camping around Wells River/Woodsville or MT Washington. Thanks in advance!
  4. Dusther210

    Stag Hill

    Hopefully this is in the right spot. I’m wondering how to go about re-opening a trail... and if it’s already in the process of being reopened. I understand Stag Hill was a legal place to drive at one point. It’s in such a great location and could really be a destination for all types of 4x4...
  5. Dusther210

    posting on iPhone

    This is supposed to be constructive criticism, I'm trying to give helpful feedback here: I'm writing this on my computer with my phone next to me with the app open. I gave up trying to write a post on the phone because it became too difficult and time consuming to make edits to a post on the...
  6. Dusther210

    RESOLVED Viair compressor issue

    This mystery has been solved long story short: 1st gen frontier bed is not a good ground source. There was no issue with the air compressor, and Viair has great customer service. the long story: I’ve upgraded(?) the air compressor on my truck from the large harbor freight pump to a Viair...
  7. Dusther210

    NJ 2000 frontier build

    So I’ve decided to do a little build thread on my frontier. I love this truck and I thought I would share it with you guys. In the beginning and some of the story of the truck I picked this truck up in 2018 with about 130,000 miles in it and a lot of problems. It wasn't pretty, sounded...
  8. Dusther210

    Another badge idea

    I just saw another thread about how this app is lacking for people in the Us East region. There are resources, there are trails and PLENTY of members. But it seems members in the East don’t seem to contribute much to the app/community. I recently became aware I got all the “trophies” in the...
  9. Dusther210

    Resolved Trophies/badges

    I just got notified I got all the trophies in the “ambassador” track and I don’t really know what that means/ or the significance of it. They kinda look like badges. I was wondering if there’s supposed to be a badge to put on the truck with my OB member badge.
  10. Dusther210

    Planned level of Adventure

    I once heard “the best laid plans work until the first shot is fired” and it has stuck with me ever since. I typically do a deal of research and occasional reconnaissance before taking my wife and truck on any adventure but I have found there are certain things you can’t exactly plan for. In...
  11. Dusther210

    Appalachian Byway and PA camping

    Hi guys! As of this weekend I have completed the Appalachian Byway from GPS 40.82876, -75.98301 in central PA eastbound through the entire NJ and NY sections. There is zero dirt on this route. It is scenic, but it is the same as using the “avoid highways” option in google maps. This is the only...
  12. Dusther210


    Who uses APRS? How do you do it? Do you use a separate radio? What is needed and how do you program/use it? Let's talk about APRS! Share your setup, software and any tips This was a great suggestion by @Prerunner1982 And as mentioned by @Ubiety there are some threads on Overland Bound that...
  13. Dusther210

    Cancelled Flagpole Knob/ PMR/ MABDR 3

    Wednesday: Midday drive up to Flagpole Knob from the lake (starting at noon), then going down Union Springs road and then to Peter's Mill Run Approximately 3 hours, of slightly more challenging driving at Flagpole Knob, about 1 hour on pavement and then about 1 hour of the PMR trail Thursday...
  14. Dusther210

    Map suggestion

    I recently stumbled upon and clicked on "MAP" at the top of their site. You can view an area and it shows the route in the map by hovering over the grey trailhead icon on the map, doing this will also give details like distance, difficulty and name of the route with pictures...
  15. Dusther210

    3 Days in VA

    Due to... 2020 my wife and I had to change our normal Thanksgiving plans. We found this camp site in Luray, VA (in the GW National Forest). The place is called #1 Rock Tavern River Kamp. It's got an interesting name and everything else in the area is closed. The owner seems very nice, in...
  16. Dusther210

    US East NY in October

    Hi guys I’m looking for recommended camping locations, routes and destinations around Lake Placid and Hunter mountain. Anything would be appreciated especially a gpx for a scenic route. Planning to do a little 2 day trip in the next few weeks to see some changing leaves, camp and tackle a neat...