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  1. Zheking

    SOLD Molle II Pack

    Molle II pack in digi colors WITH sustainment pouches on each side. These are $130 for just the main pack from midway USA, asking $100 + Shipping for this. main pack has 5,000 CI of space, not sure on the 2 additional pouches.
  2. Zheking

    FOR SALE Nissan Frontier/Xterra/Pathfinder VQ40DE Intake Spacer Group **CLOSED***

    ***GROUP BUY IS CLOSED*** Posting this from the xterra forums since we're at 17/20 needed (3 spots left!). There's a group buy for VQ40DE intake spacers for $190 shipped from open to everyone right now. Dynos are on the page, considerable gains between...
  3. Zheking

    New Member in Central AR

    New member in Central AR. The hunt for other overland / wheelers has been long and hard here. As most people around here do the whole "muddin" thing. Finally stumbled accross this forum while googling the Ozark Highlands trail. Novice overlander, very experienced camper though. Spend most of...