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  1. Terex

    OutdoorX4 Likes My Truck

    Nice to see my rig on OutdoorX4's Facebook site.
  2. Terex

    Dirty Steak, Pizza, etc.

    How many of you cook directly on coals? Or just off the coals on a grill? The thread on plow discs/skottles/woks got me thinking about this. I've never done dirty steak (cooking directly on embers of a fire), but we've cooked pizza on a Weber and now a Big Green Egg for years. Next time we...
  3. Terex

    ZR2 Overland Build

    We've had our Chevy Colorado ZR2 since last fall and really love it. Will be pulling our VMI Offroad Canyon trailer with it. No plans to do any rock crawling, so keeping tires the same and no lift. Will probably add a winch and some beefier skid plate protection. Additional ground clearance...