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  1. BlueLineOverland

    XJ Tool kit?

    Ok, I've looked everywhere and cant seem to find a definitive answer. I've seen many places including OBs new video about trail tool kits. I'm currently lugging around an entire tool kit. Is there anywhere to find the main tools needed for an XJ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. BlueLineOverland


    Who all is planning on being at the Southeast rally at Byrd's Adventure Center? Cant wait to see everyone there!
  3. BlueLineOverland

    Anyone care to share your XJ setup?

    Just purchased a 99 XJ and looking for rear cargo build ideas. Anyone care to share pictures of your setup?
  4. BlueLineOverland

    Seat Swap

    Has anyone ever done a seat swap for more comfort? I was trying to see if it was possible to swap an XJ seat for a more long haul friendly seat. I'm not sure its even possible, but worth a shot asking.
  5. BlueLineOverland

    Command center setups

    Lets see those command center setups. I'm going a new direction with a new rig and everything. Would love to see your cockpit setup!!!
  6. BlueLineOverland

    Cutting down road noise....

    Can anyone give suggestions on cutting down road noise? I thought about DynaMat but its so expensive I wasn't sure if that was the only way to go. Thank you for any help!
  7. BlueLineOverland

    !!!Calling All First Respoders!!!

    Just wanted to shout out to the first responder family. Check out Blue Line Overland on Facebook and Instagram as well as on the web at Made up of first responders as well as dispatchers, jailers and all their supporters. We do many raffles to support local charities...
  8. BlueLineOverland

    Blue Line Overland Fundraiser Event

    Blue Line Overland is proud to team up with some of the biggest names in the overlanding world, including Overland Bound, GAIA GPS, L.T. Wright Knives, CVT, Tepui, Go Treads, Power Tank and many more to help raise money for Shop with A Cop 2019. Last year we were able to save Christmas for 11...
  9. BlueLineOverland

    Pop rivet / threaded things lol

    Ok, I know someone has seen them. I don't know where I saw them, but they are like a pop rivet, but when you squeeze them in there's threads to screw into. Was just worth a shot.
  10. BlueLineOverland

    1998 Dodge ram 1500

    Slowly getting it built.