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  1. adventure_is_necessary

    DIY Breather Extension

    Well, I took a stab at making the mount last night. The steel wasn't cooperating and it didn't come out as clean as I'd like. Back to the drawing board perhaps. Considering another material to mount the manifold up to. Possibly Kydex or something similar? I have no idea if that material is...
  2. adventure_is_necessary

    DIY Breather Extension

    I should have been more clear. This mounting location is probably the easiest one to get to without it being in the way. The WJ in general seems to lack under the hood real estate without getting too creative. Not so much concerned with having water that high in the rig so much as keeping things...
  3. adventure_is_necessary

    2004 WJ Laredo

    This is what I have for my breather extension mod. I toyed around with about 4 or 5 different mounting locations, but this one offers the easiest access and is as far back as I can get it without drilling into the firewall. I initially wanted to not use this spot for a possible future mod of the...
  4. adventure_is_necessary

    DIY Breather Extension

    This is what I have. I toyed around with about 4 or 5 different mounting locations, but this one offers the easiest access and is as far back as I can get it without drilling into the firewall. I initially wanted to not use this spot for a possible future mod of the washer reservoir, but with...
  5. adventure_is_necessary

    2004 WJ Laredo

    Slowly working on a mount for my DIY breather extension mod. This heat has not been conducive to working outside. CAD (cardboard aided design) is helping with fitment of the bracket to mount it to the rig, but I'm sure I'm going to have to suck it up to finish it anytime soon.
  6. adventure_is_necessary

    2004 WJ Laredo

    I'd suggest you do what I did to make it easier for removing O2 sensors. I cut a notch out of the closed end to fit the wire through it. Made a WORLD of difference when I had to change mine out before the cats. Plus you can still use the wrench after the fact, although the strength has obviously...
  7. adventure_is_necessary

    DIY Breather Extension

    You're the inspiration. Not sure if either a clamp or the push to connect is better. It's different and less parts equals less of a chance of forgetting something, which I have been know to do.
  8. adventure_is_necessary

    DIY Breather Extension

    Hey all, I am beginning my breather extension project. This process is borrowed from a local overland group member given the simplicity and low cost. This is based around a simple pencil air manifold off of Amazon. This is basically the heart of the ARB breather manifold but with the ability to...
  9. adventure_is_necessary

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Working on a bracket for my DIY breather extensions to mount near my brake booster. No pics yet as I am using a CAD (cardboard aided design) to get the fit right in the engine bay without having to drill any holes in any of the WJ's sheet metal. I'll be using existing bolts/weld nuts to...
  10. adventure_is_necessary

    Big Tuna Presents: Pegasus Rising

    Sorry to hear about the trouble! I went with an OEM replacement radiator and thermostat after a recent pinhole leak developed in my old and probably original radiator. Thought about going full alu on the rad but I didn't want to mess with trimming the shroud. Nearly went with the Mishimoto...
  11. adventure_is_necessary

    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    It's been said in different forms, however, you go and do what you want to do. Overlanding is a term for what we do. All encompassing term at that. Like most hobbies, there are those that throw around a lot of money right off the bat, and that's ok! There are perks with it becoming more popular...
  12. adventure_is_necessary

    Rig 2.0

    Not a bad find! a Rubi is on my radar if my WJ kicks the bucket.
  13. adventure_is_necessary

    Jerry Can safe for drinking water

    that's honestly not a bad idea!
  14. adventure_is_necessary

    Jerry Can safe for drinking water

    I agree. We're trying to reduce as much plastic usage as possible in our home, and this was one concern initially. It is overthought for sure. I doubt much will happen in the way of consuming plastic leeched water. I initially thought there would be an easier solution, but this thread proved...
  15. adventure_is_necessary

    Help me chose my first Overlander

    Mods are nice, but consider why that rig was modded. Probably has been wheeled, which means more than likely it has been beat on a bit. Could be a gem if they took the time to maintain it and replace parts with new OEM or better quality, but it's a risk. If it was a stock T4R with zero mods, I'd...
  16. adventure_is_necessary

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W's

    Would you believe me if I said my 10plys ride better than the 5ply competitors I had previously?
  17. adventure_is_necessary

    If you can't leave it better than you found it, just don't go.

    The values I was raised on hold true. Mix that with the MANY years of Scouts, and it is concrete. Same with making sure the fire is completely out. When I went backpacking at Philmont as a Scout, we'd have to carry our fires ashed maybe an hour down the trail before dumping them. This was...
  18. adventure_is_necessary

    Falken Wildpeak AT3W's

    I've put about 6k miles on them in the 2-3 months I've owned them. Much better than the previous AT's I ran. Went with these over the popular competitors mainly based on a few of my buddies raving about them. The price and tech specs are also desired. These have seen all sorts of terrain minus...
  19. adventure_is_necessary

    New toy

    If I had the funds, I'd have one by now....
  20. adventure_is_necessary

    Here’s something new!

    I love my Garmin cycling GPS. It's been with me for probably 6 years now and going strong. That being said, with the advances in software for tablets, I'd rather repurpose my iPad or buy another tablet and pay a subscription fee. The tablet would be multi-purpose and the cost would be relatively...