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  1. HeliSniper

    I'm so confused!

    I have repetitively asked Rugged Radio's, via their website and Amazon Q&A, if their radios are legal for me to possess and I keep getting the run-around. So I can only assume that while it is not illegal for them to sell the radios, it is illegal for me to transmit on one if I do not have the...
  2. HeliSniper

    Hey Paul, This is Brad Stringfellow. I met you at the Snowmaster booth at EXPO West. I am the...

    Hey Paul, This is Brad Stringfellow. I met you at the Snowmaster booth at EXPO West. I am the meat guy that was trying to get you some Elk and Buffalo Tenderloins. It was great meeting you and I would like to keep in touch.
  3. HeliSniper

    US Southwest Sold! Oztent RV-3 in San Antonio TX - $500

    OK, OK, I'll take it.... You didn't have to yell.... Those are some bad-ass pictures though!!
  4. HeliSniper

    SOLD SOLD James Baroud Evasion RTT for sale price drop again $3,000.00 new in box or make an offer

    This is what they cost from the manufacture/dealer, correct? Or am I looking at the wrong model?
  5. HeliSniper

    US Southwest Sold! Oztent RV-3 in San Antonio TX - $500

    I will buy your RV-3 if you can get it close to Dallas, Texas.....
  6. HeliSniper

    SOLD M100 Forsale with tent 1600.00

    Is that a fan on the inside of the lid?
  7. HeliSniper

    [SOLD] SFBay, SJC - Tepui Autana 4, Decked Drawers, CargoGlide

    My offer still stands, I will buy your RTT for your asking price if you are willing to ship at my expense.
  8. HeliSniper

    SOLD-Tembo Tusk Skottle-Jet Boil Half Gen

    DM Sent.....
  9. HeliSniper

    [SOLD] SFBay, SJC - Tepui Autana 4, Decked Drawers, CargoGlide

    I'll buy your RTT if you are willing to ship it to Dallas, Texas. I might also have a guy in San Jose that is willing to get it to a shipping company for me. DM me and let's work out the details......
  10. HeliSniper

    US Southwest Dallas TX 2019 OEM T4R Roof Rack 5th gen

    For sale is a new 5th gen 2019 Toyota 4Runner roof rack. It is OEM equipment and bolts right to the roof. No drilling required. Never strapped anything to it. Removed when car had 400 miles.
  11. HeliSniper

    Overland Expo West 2019

    This sound cool, if there is not anything already planned, plan it and we will come!!
  12. HeliSniper

    OB Approved CO2 vs. Air Compressors

    As a SCUBA diver that likes to push boundaries while diving deep I can assure you that there are some pretty accurate GAS formulas, else I would be fish food many times over. But it is like you say in your summation, all act close to the same at the pressures we are talking about in the realm...
  13. HeliSniper

    US Southwest PRICE REDUCED Dallas, Texas set of 4 Goodyear Wrangler's with Kevlar - $450

    Goodyear All Terrain Wranglers tires with Kevlar 265/70R16 Only 180 miles on them (new vehicle take-offs) Great condition!! Tires only, set of 4 Now $450
  14. HeliSniper

    Advice On Battery Terminals With Multiple Connections

    These look interesting from Voodoo Car Audio: Or these: I think I know where you're going with this Wanderlost, something approaching OCD where everything needs to look neat and organized. I find it easier to track down problems it all is orderly to start with. I liked your video about...
  15. HeliSniper

    Overland Expo West 2019

    Wichita Falls sounds like a good place to meet. Let me know when your details fill in as I am flexible. Do you have a recommendation for a group in the DFW area where we could get Overland Bound members together and get their HAM Licences in a day, like the HAM Cram that is talked about here....
  16. HeliSniper

    FJ Cruiser Owner Registry

    '07 TRD FJ Cruiser Tepui Ruggidized Kukenam w/Annex Alu-Cab 270 degree Awning Road Shower 4 Prin-su Roof Rack Midland GMRS Radio ARB Winch Front Bumper Lift and Wheels next......
  17. HeliSniper

    Greetings From North Texas

    Welcome JINeration, I look forward to meeting you soon at our meet-ups, I've got the itch to get the heck out of town ASAP also... Nothing in front of me except air and opportunity, let's go.......
  18. HeliSniper

    New Member from Texas

    Welcome Carl. I look forward to meeting you at some of our meet-ups.... Brad