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  • When you did you XC90 axles swap into XC70, what was the thickness of the washer used better axle and hub?
    Like several others here it seems, I joined Overland because I found your XC build elsewhere on one of the other Volvo forums and it has provided a lot of guidance for my current project so thanks very much for that !

    I've ordered a set of Trackmotive XC90 axles (VO-8055/8045) but was wondering if you could give me a contact to get a set of the washers/spacers you had made.

    Thanks ,
    Dan Bentley
    Hi Satchel, my name's John and I'm new to the OB community, but wanted to introduce myself as your posts re: the adventure wagon is basically the way I found this board and impetus for becoming a member. I also own XC70 ('07) which I seek to "build" for adventure sake so I'm currently headed down (and up) the path you've taken with your wagon. what's best way to contact you?
    Hi. I've followed your build here which got me motivated to update my 2002 v70xc. I am curious to hear any tips, suggestions or gotchas about building the Volvo.
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