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  1. Weston

    Must run trails in the ozarks?

    Just figured someone here might have some spots that are a must or maybe some hidden gems that are often overlooked.
  2. Weston

    Must run trails in the ozarks?

    Not far from u to broken bow. Real nice area and never seen another vehicle on the trails. Just on main roads. Check out my thread on it.
  3. Weston

    Must run trails in the ozarks?

    My wife and I are going to be headed near Russellville Arkansas in a few weeks with the Jeep. I have done some homework on the area but with limited time was wanting to see what areas/trails are a must. We will just b day tripping from a cabin by the lake. We will have 3 days to run around...
  4. Weston

    Planing trip to CO. & Utah.

    This is the same trip I want to take. Couple days in Ouray and then shoot over to Moab for a couple days. Maybe next year.
  5. Weston

    Broken bow lake/quachita national forest

    It is very easy to access this area on hwy 259. Tons of places to camp in tents in the national forest or in the state park and tons of cabins to rent in Hochatown if your Queen is like mine and won’t sleep outside.
  6. Weston

    Broken bow lake/quachita national forest

    I downloaded the area on my Gaia app before we got there and never had a problem knowing where we were. We also rode around the state park/dam area. I have a drone video I made but can’t get it to upload to here. I’m not an expert on the area but would be glad to attempt to help anyone...
  7. Weston

    Broken bow lake/quachita national forest

    It had been raining and dreary where we live so my wife and I took the kids and Jeep back to broken bow a few weeks ago to find some sunshine. We planned to explore more of the national forest and let the kids see some mountains. We had a great time nothing technical about any of the trails we...
  8. Weston

    Beavers Bend/Broken Bow, Oklahoma we went back 2 weeks ago for a day trip. Referenced between this map for the forest service and the map on my GAIA app on my phone. You can click on a trail on the forest service map and it lets u know the trail...
  9. Weston

    Oklahoma Trip

    Plenty of area to ride and camp around broken bow lake. Not exactly overlanding as in point a to point b but there is a lot of country in that national forest. Trails are easy and it’s beautiful.
  10. Weston

    Jeep Owners Represent!

    Here is my 05’ rubicon. It is mainly a thermal hog hunting rig but starting to get into running trails. It has a small lift and 33s, winch, bumpers, snorkel, led bars and rock lights. It is an auto and has aftermarket trans cooler, aluminum radiator, electric radiator fan, gearing swapped to...
  11. Weston

    Forest service website accuracy?

    We ran roads all the way around broken bow lake. Had a great time. Just trying to figure out why their map is shaded with those colors on roads that apparently are open? Guess I should have stopped by the ranger station and got one of their maps to compare. I will keep u n mind if we head back...