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  • RCI adjustable bed rack installed yesterday. OVS rooftop tent yet to be mounted, waiting for better weather. I will post pictures of finished work soon.
    This past weekend, I went to a local shop and ordered a BDS 6" IFS Lift, Fox 2.0 Shocks, 18" KMC KM540 Recons rims, and 35" BFG KO2 tires for my 2020 Ford Ranger. I'm excited to see where this will go, and where I will be able to go in the near future!
    I did my first shakedown cruise in my 2020 Ford Ranger Lariat FX4. It's a really nice truck that performed well offroad.
    Today, I lost my power steering. After 3 hours and 150 miles, "AdvancTrac - Steering Fault" popped up. It felt like an anaconda was wrapped around the steering column. Due to finances and future plans, I'm afraid Mustang Overland will not survive. There will be a 2020 Ford Ranger on the trails soon.
    The planning phase is complete. Soon I will be putting orders in for a rooftop tent, as well as camping gear. Recently, I installed a Pedder's Xtreme Coilover Kit, which evolved the handling and performance of the car. The plan is to go camping Thanksgiving and earn my name as an Overlander!
    Working on a project, the birth of Mustang Overland. My goal is to embrace the core principle, "It doesn't matter what you drive." I will be taking some time to get my rig built up for a grand adventure.
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