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  1. tetonshaggy

    Vehicle Cameras

    What’s the preferred placement for side cameras?
  2. tetonshaggy

    New LX450 Owner

    Found these guys Delta Vehicle Systems - Shop 80-Series Off-Road Parts They have some dope products
  3. tetonshaggy

    New LX450 Owner

    Agreed on the sliders. I have a 4.5 lift with 37 Mickey’s right now
  4. tetonshaggy

    New LX450 Owner

    I just bought a triple locked Lexus LX450. What should my first upgrade be?
  5. tetonshaggy

    Tijuana to Ushuaia

    That’s dope! Thank you
  6. tetonshaggy

    Tijuana to Ushuaia

    I don’t know what I don’t know. This is helpful. I’ll work on it and ask more questions as I get to planning it.
  7. tetonshaggy

    Tijuana to Ushuaia

    Thank you
  8. tetonshaggy

    Tijuana to Ushuaia

    Awesome. Thank you!
  9. tetonshaggy

    Tijuana to Ushuaia

    Does anyone have experience driving from Tijuana (or similar) to Ushuaia Argentina?
  10. tetonshaggy

    Must see in Moab?

    Hell’s Recenge
  11. tetonshaggy

    What is the best thing you bought for Overlanding?

    Tools and self recovery equipment. Having the right tools gets you out of a jam and gives you confidence.
  12. tetonshaggy

    Overlanding Grand Canyon and Moab

    We stayed at the Far East end campground at Dewey Bridge October 2020 and loved it. Super chill and quiet. We did Top of the World which is great if you like rocks. The slick rock at Hell’s Revenge is tons of fun. So many great trails in Moab.