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Stealth Runner


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  • Been dilligently ordering and working on getting the Stealth Runner built and ready for its maiden mission in late March. Planning to hit the Georgia Traverse, Hurricane Creek, and run the Blue Ridge Parkway.
    Just got the new shoes and laces on the Stealth Runner - BFG KO2’s 275/70-17’s on new aftermarket 17x8 TRD black rims. Used ASAP tire and they did a great job and in the pouring rain!
    Just ordered a rack, ARB compressor, tank, and bracket. Also ordered an ARB tire repair kit, a recovery D ring for the 2" hitch, and started planning!
    Waiting on the new BFG shoes to arrive. Will be slapping them on some new TRD rims. Also got a gps unit and a ram mount for the iPad. Gearing up!,,,
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