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    New Mexico Overlanders

    There are a few Alamo folks on here. Today is my last day living in Alamo, I move to Nevada tomorrow.
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    New to the West region.

    Ruger does make a quality firearm.
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    New to the West region.

    It's my last week living in New Mexico and moving to Las Vegas next week. I own a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and it's slowly getting built up. Look forward to possibly run some trails with y'all later down the road.
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    Who's all going to Overland Expo West 2018?

    Was just curious who all were going to be at this years expo? Want to meet up with folks see some rigs and get some ideas for my Jeep.
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    Locker or Winch??

    As nice as it is to have lockers they are prone to adding extra stress to components which leads to axle shaft breaks. If my jeep didn't already include them I would still get the winch before buying the lockers. Even though it was awesome when I made it through a obstacle that 2 other folks had...
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    Winch Security

    When I get mine I will get the factor 55 security bolt and I might also look at getting a different sized bolt head to throw folks off.
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    What are Overland Bound Challenge Coins?

    Does it have to be an ambassador coin or can it be anychallenge coin? I always carry my favorite unit's coin in my wallet, from when I was stationed in South Korea.
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    Gobi roof rack install

    I'm looking at the same rack. I will probably have to call to figure out if it'll work with my LOD Destroyer bumper though.
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    AEV vs. ARB front bumper: Is the AEV really $360 better?

    I'm buying the ARB for my jeep personally. The AEV look better to me but I think it is materiel is thinner than the ARB bumper.
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    New Mexico Overlanders

    Can you get a better picture of those seals/bearings. I never ripped into a diff but those look small(or very very worn) to me in those pics.
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    New Mexico Overlanders

    Another Alamogordo and I think I saw your jeep today at Walmart.
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    Chloride canyon to Mount Withington (NM)

    I want to make a trip out to Chloride Canyon sometime.
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    Hello all. I'm new to to community. I'm currently at Holloman AFB in New Mexico. I have a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. For the most part it's stock. I have very little experience, this weekend was first time I've taken it offroad. I want to make sure I get my daughter out camping and...