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  1. Sprocket 1-505

    Wanted WTB 3gen Tacoma sliders

    Does anyone have any sliders they’re trying to unload? 2016 DBL CAB SB. I have the red clay rally next weekend and struggling. Any working condition please thanks. I’m in Braselton GA 30517 Devin 6786421496 Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  2. Sprocket 1-505

    DIY "No Welding" Roof Rack

    Great post man. I have been wanting to build a bed rack for my Tacoma. I've made a few things from flat bar but need a little guidance with something on this scale. Do you have any drawings or plans? I still want to keep my factory bed cover and still utilize the bed rails. I've seen fab...
  3. Sprocket 1-505


    Do any of you use a garmin etrax 20 and are you able to use it with a tablet? Still trying to get my set up squared away. I used a GoPro mount I already had with little modification to mount my trax. I want to use the GPS on it for a tablet if possible. I have a kindle but it's worthless unless...
  4. Sprocket 1-505

    iphone, kindle and Garmin

    I've seen a couple ways to "root" the HDX, but way over my head. Seems Kindle OS is updated specifically to prevent jailbreak it. IOS has been loaded on earlier versions, but B/C the hardware is defrent, it's not possible on the HDX. Android seems to be the only option, that is if you...
  5. Sprocket 1-505

    iphone, kindle and Garmin

    Sorry, I originally posted in wrong place. I have found a few things on line but wanted to ask you guys. I would like to use my kindle fire HDX 3rd gen with my iPhone so I can use Gaia on it or as and end result be able to use my kindle with GPS while "into the wild"... I've read a few hacks...
  6. Sprocket 1-505

    What is your rigs name

    Finally my wife came up with Mater (from Cars) after my I lost my bumper on a The Red Clay Rally. Fitting.
  7. Sprocket 1-505

    Members Instagram ID

    Hey all, feel free to contact. Looking for some rigs to run with. North GA area. Http://
  8. Sprocket 1-505


    Hello everyone, name is Devin and I am from North Ga about 40 miles north of Atlanta. Just completed my first small overland rally, about 1200 miles. Now I'm hooked and have a new addiction. "Thanks a lot Bin Laden" Rig- 2016 Tacoma TRD Off Road Experience - overland novice That lake is where...