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  1. Smokinjoe

    FOR SALE 2019 TurtleBack Getaway Trail

    calling you.
  2. Smokinjoe

    FOR SALE 2019 TurtleBack Getaway Trail

    Yes available... do you have any questions
  3. Smokinjoe

    FOR SALE 2019 TurtleBack Getaway Trail

    PM response thx
  4. Smokinjoe

    FOR SALE 2019 TurtleBack Getaway Trail

    2019 Getaway Trail For Sale Excellent condition $21,000 This is a Sweet off-road very capable camping trailer. 1K Inverter 35” NITTO Trail Grappler 23Zero RTT King Bed Size Water Heater ICON Suspension Plus much more. Located So California. For more information and pictures please PM me
  5. Smokinjoe


    Sounds like you got cheezie insurance co .... check with AAA, state farm and Geico they cover upgrades and some will add extra writer to cover upgrades at extra cost ... in the end you get what you pay for, most insurance CO's will only cover blue book value and up to 2K- 5K of upgrades but...
  6. Smokinjoe

    Jeep Gladiator Steering Repairs

    TSB 08-074-20 to replace steering box in JT/JL the stock box is aluminum new box is iron with larger gears and I believe a computer flash... my JT replacement is still on order … The PSC solution is a big upgrade converting the stock electric steering to mechanical with big bore box and...
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    US West 2018 Turtleback Getaway Trail DEMO Off-Road trailer

    Bolt pattern 5X5 Jeep and yes Trailer SOLD
  8. Smokinjoe

    Who's Excited for the 2021 (if we're lucky) Ford Bronco?

    Bronco will be IFS for sure and will be fabulous mall crawler but only time will tell if off-road community will love it or leave it... Jeep has no worries
  9. Smokinjoe

    Rig Photos

    Trailer is Turtleback Getaway made in AZ...…. Turtleback Trailers Home - Turtleback Trailers
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    Rig Photos

  11. Smokinjoe

    Red Rock Last Chance Trail Closing

    I just returned from Red Rock State Park GP review meeting and after looking over revised plan concept, no doubt we are losing off-road access! If you are a fan of Last Chance Canyon the trail will be closed at Cudahy Camp and Graduation Hill is off limits!!! Nightmare Gulch trail is listed as...
  12. Smokinjoe

    What is Overlanding? Let's discuss!

    I just go out and have fun enjoying my time outdoors, I don't have a definition and don't care.