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I am an agronomist in S.E. Washington. I have always been into four-wheel drive vehicles, camping, fishing, and hunting. I became interested in Overland expedition after seeing some Expedition Overland videos on YouTube, and I eventually found a video for Overland Bound which has led me here.

I would have to say that I am a novice at overlanding however, I do have some outdoor skills. I was surprised to learn that "boon docking" is a new term for camping “off-grid”... I grew up camping in the middle of nowhere, and I prefer it that way.

I went to a community college straight out of high school and upon completion I worked as a service technician for a John Deere Dealership for ten years. The schooling and work provided me with a lot of experience in diagnostics, and repair of all mechanical systems as well as metal fabrication. I hope that I can contribute in this forum in some way from my past experiences. While I was working I earned my B.S. in Agriculture and joined a private retail company as a management trainee until I earned my Certified Crop Adviser certificate. In my region the primary crop is wheat with rotations to legumes such as peas and chickpeas. Some barley, alfalfa, mustard and canola is grown as well.

I don't really have what I would consider an overlanding vehicle at this time, I have an '89 Bronco which I may outfit for the task or a 2007 Explorer that could become my adventure rig. I will only have money to set up one of them but, I'm not sure I am completely convinced that I like either platform. I guess I am in the research stage right now.
Dayton, WA
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1989 Ford Bronco 5.8L
2007 Ford Explorer 4.6L
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