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  1. Ronnie B 7070

    1958 FC-170

    nice build can't wait to see it all done.
  2. Ronnie B 7070

    Route from California to Oregon

    try the obcdr # 5 or # 3 thats oregon back country discovery routs
  3. Ronnie B 7070

    Military Decal?

    that whould be a good thing .us army 11h
  4. Ronnie B 7070

    Any Hunters Among Us?

    I hunt the small columbia blacktail & the big roseavelt elk on the north Oregon coast. I use a 303 brit 170gr for deer & 180gr for elk
  5. Ronnie B 7070

    Overland Bound Northwest Regional Meet-up - 09/22/2018

    i'll try if not working just a short drive from seaside 1.5 hours
  6. Ronnie B 7070

    Looking for advice on full-sized rigs

    I drive a 1998 f 150 2wd on all the loging roads on the oregon coast in october & november. I run 265r7516's at's only been stuck 3 times as long as you have good tires you can all most go enny place a 4wd can go
  7. Ronnie B 7070

    Rig Photos

    pacific city south of tilamook or
  8. Ronnie B 7070

    Suggestion: Window clings for vehicles

    That sounds like a good idea I whould buy them
  9. Ronnie B 7070

    2015 Overland/SAR F150

    nice rig it is good to see more f150s . I have a 98 f150 2wd i use as daily and hunting rig
  10. Ronnie B 7070

    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    hi new ish to overlanding have a 98 bone stock f150 2wd and a bone stock 03 escape 4wd