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  • Status Update:
    Preparing for attempt #2 Road Trip north. Started a couple of weeks ago from home in Florida and made it to North Carolina before I had to turn around and head home. Thank you Hurricane Dorian! Will be leaving some time next week for New Brunswick Canada then back down thru Maine to do some exploring before attending the Expedition Expo East in Va. Here’s hoping.
    Just finished taking a “European Road Trip” . Met up with my Son (military, stationed in Germany) and followed the route of the Army 9th Infantry Div. took in WWII. Started at Utah Beach, made the loop thru Belgium into France and finally back into Germany. No off road being we were in an Audi. Great historic trip!
    PSA for the day! LOVE BUGS! Saw this on the internet (go figure) and thought I’d try it. It works!

    Wet the bugs (windshield, painted surfaces) Let sit of about 5 min.s. Wet down dryer sheet and wipe off. That easy! Dryer sheet will leave a soap like film that can just be wiped/washed off.
    Still “exploring” this site and trying to find some pics of my build to post for you. Of course, I’ve had my rig for 11 yrs. now.
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