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    SVO ....Small Vehicle Overlanding

    I did a lot of off-roading in my 2008 VW Rabbit/Golf. Thought about getting a small lift, until I saw the price for it - mostly just those rubber spacers for $700+. It did very well on well maintained gravel roads, but a rock did in the oil pan a few years ago and lead to some considerable...
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    Capitola, California outdoor enthusiast

    Hi! I've been trying to join for months, but due to some bizarre technical difficulties I've been unable to get past square zero, until now (bwah ha ha hah haaaaah!) I've been running around the western US for about 20 years now and, after much beating on lesser vehicles, finally got a Jeep -...
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    Member Rides

    Greetings. In lieu of a Welcome New Members thread I guess this does, to some degree. And as I'm yet a tadpole to this swamp I can't post pics or links, so suffice to say this will be my first post: 2015 Jeep JKUR Tank with onboard air (installed by me), 2 inch lift (installed by the body...
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    Eating pistachios

    Eating pistachios