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    FOR SALE Expo Trailer

    Still have it? Anymore pictures? Sent from my VS990 using OB Talk mobile app
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    SR5 wearing me out

    Appreciate that. I just sold my 1998 TJ that I build to spend all the time off road. Rear locker, 35s, wench, all kinds of goodies. I took my rear seat out because it was just me and my bride. Well, after the little one became part of the family, things changed. I'm still very much drawn to the...
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    SR5 wearing me out

    I've researched and researched and then researched more. Here is my struggle. My 2013 SR5 is my daily driver and I've got almost 120K miles on it currently and it's beating me to death on the pavement. Ultimately I want to get this thing up to speed for some overlanding trips with my family but...