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Lori and I have been Over landing since 1989. Our love of overlanding adventures are also complimented by our love of the Desert Southwest, off-roading and trail leading with the RR4W Club in Moab , regular 12-16 day canoeing expeditions in Canyonlands on the Green River, ultralight backpacking, love of music, great food and cooking, craft beer, photography, leading and supporting a 14 state Great Dane Rescue. I'm an Eagle Scout and have learned to be extremely self sufficient and capable in the outdoors for over 50 years. We got into Overlanding and learned to Jeep proficiently at RR4W Easter Jeep Safari. We believe in protecting our vehicles treating the land wisely and serving as an example of wise use. We learned our overlanding skills to take us into "The Soul of Nowhere" (Craig Child's). We love exploring Southern Utah and Northern. AZ deserts rivers and canyon lands. Those who know us know we seek out incredible camping vistas, bring exceptional food, music, and beverages. We love innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness in our kit. We are always willing to share, partner in an adventure or create and lead one. We are glad to be a part of this community!!!

Lakewood, CO 80228 USA
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2014 AEV JKU "TBahDoe"; CVT M416-Denali Summit Expanded RTT, Lexus LX470, 1999 TJ Teraflex 4", 1985 Bronco Full Size with Hallmark pop-up conversion, Salem-Kroger 4x4 Fleetwood Tioga RV 30H 3" lift
IT - Digital Transformation Strategist/Architect
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It's not about your vehicle/gear!
Promoting and enabling community about true safe and responsible Overland Adventure.
Lori, Ray, and Great Dane -Abby


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