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  1. price.7117

    09 Suburban Transformation

    Nice build Steve! Let the fun begin! ;)
  2. price.7117

    OB Members Nebraska

    Haha! Welcome to the group Eckroll!
  3. price.7117

    OB Members Nebraska

    I'd be game. Theres some national grasslands/forests in the northwestern side of the state as well and plenty of dirt roads to boot. Could make one heck of a loop around the state.
  4. price.7117

    Medicine Bow Ntl Forest - Wyoming

    Thanks everyone for the info. Much appreciated!
  5. price.7117

    OB Members Nebraska

    No kidding! Hopefully the weather we get this week will be the end of the cold stuff for awhile!
  6. price.7117

    OB Members Nebraska

    Hey there! I'm out of Sidney and about 3 hours away from the Rockies! Currently, my wife and I run around in a stock 07 Hummer H3 Adventure with our two little ones. I have to say with weather warming up, we are more than looking forward to getting back out and exploring!
  7. price.7117

    Medicine Bow Ntl Forest - Wyoming

    Looking at getting up to Medicine Bow near Centennial WY in the next few weeks. Anyone know how trails are looking up there?
  8. price.7117

    old_man's Offroad Teardrop Trailer Build Thread

    Great build! Love the ingenuity of the tube bender (among other things)!
  9. price.7117

    Any members in Nebraska?

    Glad to see someone else in this neck of the woods (or plains)! We usually head over to Medicine Bow or Northern CO for weekend trips, but looking at getting up to Chadron State Park and Nebraska Ntl Forest this summer just to check it out. Wife and I are in the same boat with some kiddo's that...
  10. price.7117

    Members Instagram ID

    IG - price.7117 Haven't posted much lately and still a bit green with IG. Looking to post more this year though
  11. price.7117

    Any members in Nebraska?

    Just joined OB and located in Sidney.
  12. price.7117

    Have a Member Number? Upgrade Your Account!

    New member here, #17322! Looking to get account upgraded to "Member" to access features like the Members Map. Does anyone have direction on how to get my account upgraded? Purchased the membership and the badge is en route. I've also followed the activation links in my email.
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    Member Introductions *New Members Start Here*

    Howdy from Nebraska! I'm based out of the panhandle area with my 07 Hummer H3. Have some experience with overlanding but by no means an expert! Looking forward to learning more from the community here and enjoying the good ol' outdoors!