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    Looking forward to what 2019 brings in terms of adventure!

    Looking forward to what 2019 brings in terms of adventure!
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    Hello Minnesotans!

    Sorry, haven't been on for a while! You can find us on Facebook at!
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    Jeep Sleeping Platform - Over Seats

    I recently took dimensions and made a Sketchup diagram. Let me know if you want it. This was a couple hour build - no time at all, and I only had 3 days to get something set up for a weekend trip. Super easy, maybe 30.00 in materials (less if you have em laying around in your garage).
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    Jeep Sleeping Platform - Over Seats

    Yes, there are a few air mattresses out there for the back of JKU's. My experience with air mattresses is that eventually they leak. Further, in different elevations they deflate as well. While its a great compact solution, for me comfort is more important and the memory foam works well for...
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    Jeep Sleeping Platform - Over Seats

    Wow! Thats awesome! That's a great solution to retaining the folding seats! Lots of inspiration for V2.0! Thanks for sharing the link! "The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement"
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    Jeep JKU Rear Window Ventilation - DIY

    Thanks guys! While I did it for my Jeep, this is one of those DIY's that could be done for just about any vehicle with a similar window channel setup!
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    Jeep Sleeping Platform - Over Seats

    Thank you for the question! Yes, The platform butts up to the head rests of the folded back seat(s). One thing about the JKU rear seats is that they don't fold completely flat, so as there is storage underneath (its 4"), it wouldn't be by design if the seats were flat when folded. I do lose...
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    Jeep JKU Rear Window Ventilation - DIY

    Hey There! Adding to my Jeep Sleeping Platform post, I created DIY Window Ventilation for my Jeep JKU. Here's how I did it! I saw a couple of years ago a post someone from Germany made about sleeping in his Jeep. He showed some rear window vents that he ordered in Germany. They're quality...
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    Jeep Sleeping Platform - Over Seats

    Hey all! Just thought I'd post a couple pics of the sleeping platform I made (V1.0) for my 2010 Jeep JKU Rubicon. I don't have a RTT or Trailer - or even a Tent for that matter, and was invited to a weekend trip to Superior National Forest in Northern MN. I had 3 days to prepare for the trip...
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    5x8 Trailer build

    Curious, have you considered maybe a futon styled bed? Fold it up for a couch when not sleeping... Would give room for packing supplies and a hang out rather than bed for rainy days. Love this thread, been considering a cargo trailer conversion myself. Last, are you keeping things modular...
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    Cargo Trailer Conversion - Post your build!

    Hey All, I'm very interested in purchasing an enclosed cargo trailer for overland/off road conversion. For those of you who have gone this route, could you post pictures/build thread and other insight regarding this? Have seen a few on the internet that were perfect platforms for...
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    Willys Overland Build

    Awesome! I have seen a version of temp flaps that utilized a box (square stock) mounting receiver like part that bolted to a portion of the frame or near that behind the rear wheel. The flap part was square steel secured by a pin of sorts for easy removal and break away capability. Was...
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    From Minnesota to Utah!

    LOL The route etc. has the funding. SHOULD be good to go. The MN4WDA and DNR were MANDATED to put together the route, plan, etc. Just a matter of time and that one county from what I've heard. As I said, Minnesota Overlanders is...
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    Willys Overland Build

    Do you have details on the removable flaps? Could you post more pics? I'm considering removable flaps and would love to see how you did yours!