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Hello! My Name is Bryan and I'm PanCan Overland!
I'm a 47 year old husband and father, a photographer, graphic designer, adventurer, explorer, avid Jeep owner, former real estate professional and broker in medical office buildings, commercial and residential, and Overlander.

I've been adventuring for the last 20 years, camping, off roading, hiking, and traveling the country and abroad.

I own PanCan Overland and created it for a very specific purpose. I have Pancreatic Cancer.

I was diagnosed in 2017, went into remission in February of 2018, and relapsed in April of 2018. My Mission is to show cancer patients that even though you may have a cancer diagnosis, life doesn't end and you don't wait to die. Instead, a diagnosis means you need to live your life to the fullest and make memories - a diagnosis makes living more important.

I intend to continue to travel the backwoods, trails and overlanding routes of the US, telling people about my story and raising awareness and funding for Pancreatic Cancer through overlanding.

I look forward to meeting other regional members, connecting with OB Members throughout the US and Adventuring through adversity.

You can follow along via my website and social media accounts. Just look up PanCanOverland on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

Thanks for reading! Hope to find you on a dusty trail where we can share stories of adventure and exploring!
May 18, 1971 (Age: 48)
Elk River, MN, USA
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2010 Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon
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"Adventure through adversity"
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