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  1. Ozark yoda

    Hello all.

    nice to see someone close to home. NW Arkansas here. looking for overlanders near me that are active
  2. Ozark yoda

    expo build planning

    what are you running them on? I will be placing them on my 16 Taco in the next few days
  3. Ozark yoda

    Hello all.

    New to overlanding. Not new to 4 wheeling. Past vehicles including 66 Bronco, 76 CJ5, 84 CJ7, Jeep Liberty and finally an 09 JK. As you can tell I have been a Jeep guy. But I am tired of Just Emptying Every Pocket. Days of hard core rock crawling are over. So I traded my JK for a 2016 Tacoma TRD...