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  1. Outlandre

    Finally got it

    I’m officially a member… Thank you so much!
  2. Outlandre

    Death Valley with the best crew…

    It’s not the rig. It’s not just where you go. Is the combination of the people who is by your side to help you overcome the adversity’s that every adventure has…
  3. Outlandre

    Death Valley.

    Finally came to Death Valley with some great people.
  4. Outlandre

    Best mobile air compressor unit for Overland travel?

    I did the same thing with my SB compressor, but I changed the base plate to its side so it fets under the back seat of my Jeep…
  5. Outlandre

    My Jeep has a kitchen.

    It’s alive!!!
  6. Outlandre

    My Jeep has a kitchen.

    It’s been a journey, but it’s finally showing results.
  7. Outlandre

    Drawers for Jeep JL 4 doors.

    Update on the project.
  8. Outlandre

    Diesel heater

    This is a 5kw , I couldn’t get the 2kw in time for my last trip. On my ikamper it has a track with hooks so I used Velcro to hang…
  9. Outlandre

    My kitchen setup.

    It’s taking shape. Not as easy as I expected, but I’m making progress…
  10. Outlandre

    Drawers for Jeep JL 4 doors.

    Thank you so much.
  11. Outlandre

    Drawers for Jeep JL 4 doors.

    I’m trying not to have the bottom of the platform blocking access to the storage because it’s where I keep my tools and recovery gear.
  12. Outlandre

    Drawers for Jeep JL 4 doors.

    Hello , w about to start the drawer setup for my JLU and I can’t seem to get my head to see where’s the start for anchoring it to the car. Has anyone done this to a JLU? I’d love to see some videos or anything to point me on the right direction.
  13. Outlandre

    Dual battery system

    I’m about to start the project that I’ve been waiting since I got the Jeep. Hopefully it will give us more relaxing time instead of thinking about not having enough juice to start the vehicle in the morning…